Sue Udry

Executive Director

Sue Udry’s career in public service spans four decades and includes advocating for peace, civil rights, and economic justice. She is an experienced non-profit administrator and expert on issues related to the intersection of national security, human rights, and civil society.

As Executive Director of Defending Rights & Dissent, Udry leads the organization’s advocacy and public education efforts to protect and strengthen civil society and challenge government abuse of First and Fourth Amendment rights. She represents DRAD in the media, in numerous coalitions, and on several boards of directors.

Prior to coming to DRAD, Udry was the legislative coordinator for United for Peace and Justice, a coalition of over 1,600 groups working to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. While living in Chicago, Udry served as the Executive Director of the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights, and as an organizer for the Coalition for New Priorities, and organized child care workers for the Day Care Action Council of Illinois. She currently serves on the board of the National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy, and the DC chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, and the DC-NLG Litigation Fund, as well as the Advisory Board of the Charity and Security Network. She is a co-founder of the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition.

Chip Gibbons

Policy Director

Chip Gibbons is an expert on US Constitutional law, a journalist, and a longtime activist. He joined Defending Rights & Dissent as a Legal Fellow in 2015, after having led a successful campaign to defeat a proposed unconstitutional anti-boycott bill in Maryland. Chip has advised both state and federal lawmakers on the First Amendment implications of pending legislation. He’s also appeared appeared on Al Jazeera as an expert on U.S. Constitutional law.

As a journalist, Chip writes about civil liberties and social movements, both from a historical and a contemporary perspective. His work has been published in The Nation and Jacobin, and he contributed a chapter to The Henry Kissinger Files (forthcoming, Verso Books). Even before joining Defending Rights & Dissent staff, Chip was an early contributor to the Dissent NewsWire. He continues to bring his journalistic talents to Defending Rights & Dissent, where he has done first hand reporting on the unprecedented prosecution of Trump Inauguration protesters and was instrumental in drafting our groundbreaking, first of its kind report on ag-gag laws. He has a far-reaching breadth of knowledge, covering everything from the applicability of the unconstitutional conditions doctrine to state anti-boycotts laws to the history of FBI political surveillance.

Quentin Anthony Anderson

Communications Director

Quentin Anthony Anderson is an accomplished nonprofit communications and social justice advocacy professional. Prior to arriving at DRAD, Quentin served as Executive Chairman of The Justice Alliance, a Louisiana-based nonprofit that organizes the state’s largest annual social justice conference.  Quentin also served as Communications Director for the Industrial Areas Foundation-affiliated Southern Institute for Public Life, as well as Associate Director for Public Affairs & Communications for DC-based clean energy nonprofit Groundswell.

In 2015, he led a successful school-to-prison pipeline advocacy campaign in Illinois that resulted in passage of the nation’s most comprehensive school discipline reform legislation – a campaign that was later profiled by NPR. He has also worked for organizations such as NextGen Climate Action, United Way, and Obama for America.

Mehdi Rahmati


Mehdi Rahmati is a human rights advocate and technology enthusiast with several years of experience working for international human rights organizations in various capacities. Prior to joining Defending Rights and Dissent team, for several years Mehdi worked at the Committee to Protect Journalists as Office and IT Manager, Communications Associate and later on as Social Media Associate. Mehdi’s has deep interest in non-profit technology, systems security and streamlining processes.