2021 Annual Report

Please join us in celebrating our tremendous achievements this past year!

During a year bookended by a violent attempted insurrection and an ominous new COVID variant, Defending Rights and Dissent forged ahead with renewed efforts opposing surveillance, fighting racial profiling, and protecting whistleblowers.

DRAD advanced our mission in numerous concrete ways – several among our many accomplishments are highlighted in this report, including:

  • Hosting Grassroots Capitol Hill Advocacy Day, bringing members of impacted communities to DC (virtually) to lobby against mass surveillance and racial profiling.
  • Bringing together Noam Chomsky, Marianne Williamson, Rep. Ron Paul, and many other high profile individuals on our open letter to President Biden to end the War on Terror at home.
  • Building support in Congress and across the general public for Daniel Hale, the courageous drone whistleblower now serving 45 months in prison for truth-telling about the realities of drone warfare.
  • Assisting Congresswoman Cori Bush with the drafting of Protester Bill of Rights legislation.
  • Working with Rep. Rashida Tlaib to introduce a bill we drafted, the Protect Brave Whistleblowers Act, as an amendment to the Protecting Our Democracy Act.

Your support and engagement made all of these achievements possible, and we hope you’ll continue to support these essential interventions into 2022. Together, we’re working to ensure that the promise of the Bill of Rights is a reality.