2022 Annual Report

Please join us in celebrating our 2022 accomplishments!

You count on Defending Rights & Dissent to be the vanguard in protecting civil liberties, even when this ruffles feathers and upsets our erstwhile allies. We’re on the FBI’s case, and the DOJ’s, and DHS’s: wherever and whenever civil liberties abuses arise, DRAD is there to confront the government, defend our freedom to protest, bolster freedom of the press, and support our democratic ideals.

2022 has been an exceptionally busy year. Here’s what we did:

  • We stopped dead HR 350, an attempt by Congress to further entrench the War on Terror. 
  • We succeeded in getting our Espionage Act amendment introduced in Congress, which would ensure that this Act could no longer be used against journalists and whistleblowers. Our amendment is the boldest reform to the Espionage Act ever introduced in Congress.
  • The House adopted our proposal to force DHS to reveal details about its notoriously-biased counterterrorism program.
  • We held the line against the FBI and DHS’s war on dissent, drawing on the historical record and painstaking research to expose political spying against numerous civil society organizations.
  • We sued the NSA, FBI, DOD, and DOJ for violating the Freedom of Information Act in their attempts to hide their war on whistleblowers.

Your support and engagement made all of these achievements possible, and we hope you’ll continue to support these essential interventions into 2023. Together, we’re working to ensure that the promise of the Bill of Rights is a reality.