November 7, 2023

Announcing: Protest Under Fire!

Protest is the voice of the people.  It’s a powerful tool to force confrontation and shake up the status quo. From writing letters to protesting in the streets, from occupations to boycotts, our democracy demands that people have the freedom
October 12, 2023
Past Palestine Solidarity Protest

Israel-Gaza War Has Dissent Under Fire At Home

Reactions in the US to the Israel-Gaza war have created an inhospitality to dissent that has many recalling the aftermath of September 11, 2001 attacks.  Both supporters of Palestine and Israel are entitled to the same First Amendment protections. However,
September 28, 2023
Example of social media surveillance of Stop Cop City events, obtained via FOIA

The Cop City Shuffle: FOIA and Protester Surveillance

The Stop Cop City movement is a lightning rod for political surveillance. Judging from police presence at protests and internal documents showing an extensive social media monitoring apparatus, agencies across Georgia are spying on Stop Cop City. But understanding the
September 26, 2023
Woody Kaplan

Woody Kaplan: Troublemaker with a Heart of Gold

Defending Rights & Dissent has lost a champion. Woody Kaplan, who died at his home surrounded by loved ones, in Boston on August 3, 2023. Over the decades, Woody’s impact on DRAD has been  immeasurable. He loved our mission, and
July 5, 2023
Police car in front of the Defend the Atlanta Forest food distribution.

Organizing in the shadow of the surveillance state

There are few activities more legally risky than deciding to protest Cop City. I’d recommend becoming an opposition journalist in an authoritarian regime, perhaps, or maybe ding dong ditching the White House. Cops have shown no hesitation in assassinating an
June 28, 2023

Stop Cop City is everywhere

Despite the arrests of protesters and their support network, or perhaps because of it, the Stop Cop City movement is everywhere. Driving through Atlanta, I see Stop Cop City wheatpaste posters pasted on abandoned buildings and at highway intersections. “Defend