June 14, 2023
Donald Trump, who has been indicted under the Espionage Act

Statement on the Espionage Act Indictment of Donald Trump

Yesterday, Donald Trump pled not guilty to charges related to his storage of classified documents. Charges against Trump include obstructing justice, concealing documents from an investigation, lying, and violating §793 of the Espionage Act by retaining national defense information. Defending
May 16, 2023
DHS building. CP3 and TVTP are DHS programs.

It’s time to defund CP3 and TVTP

There’s not enough terrorism for…DHS? DHS has branched out beyond its statutory mandate of addressing emergencies and preventing terrorism into addressing the hodgepodge category of “targeted violence,” which, oddly, includes both school shootings and sabotaging oil pipelines among other crimes.
April 14, 2023
One of the documents leaked by Jack Teixeira, who is now facing charges under the Espionage Act

DRAD Statement: Jack Teixeira and the Espionage Act

Earlier this morning Jack Teixeira, a 21 year old member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, was charged with two counts under §793 of the Espionage Act for unlawfully obtaining and communicating national defense information.  Additionally, Teixeira was charged under