If you are a member of a mosque, a person of color, or a member of an organization that advocates for peace, the environment, animals, economic justice, or just about any other cause–heads up–the FBI (or the state or local police) is sending paid informants into your community and organizations to spy on you. Worse, they may try to entrap you or one of your peers in a manufactured plots that could end you up in jail.

The FBI’s most successful counterterror operations follow the same pattern: paid informants come into a community, latch onto the most vulnerable members, befriend them, give them gifts, money, drugs and/or alcohol, bully them into joining fake terror plots, and provide everything that is needed to carry out the ploy. Then, BAM! the fake plot is exposed, people’s lives are ruined and the FBI is able to demonize a whole community or movement while pretending they have heroically saved us from terrorism.

We call this pattern Manufacturing Terrorism and it is playing out now in Muslim communities and is being used against environmentalist, anarchists, the Occupy movement, and others.


Manufacturing "Terrorists": The FBI's Entrap & Demonize Strategy by Defending Rights & Dissent on Scribd

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