Guest Writer

September 5, 2019

‘Outrageous Behavior’ as Boston Judge Holds National Lawyers Guild Attorney in Contempt for Reading Case Law in Court

"All I was trying to do is to read the law to the court, and I was summarily arrested, handcuffed, brought down to the holding cell, held there for hours," said Church.
November 21, 2018

“Don’t waste any time mourning—organize!”

Joe Hill traveled across the United States and Canada supporting organizing campaigns, and writing music to raise the morale of striking workers. He also reportedly participated in some of the more radical adventures of the IWW.
November 1, 2018

Crystal Jones is our November Patriot. Cleveland’s first female heavy equipment operator demanded free speech (and got it).

Ms. Jones recently settled a lawsuit that she filed in 2017 against the City of Cleveland forcing the City’s Administration to cease the suppression of her and her co-workers first amendment rights to free speech relative to working conditions on the job, misogyny, and disparate treatment.
September 12, 2018

State Bureau of Investigation unit prepared “threat assessment” of Atlantic Coast Pipeline protestors

The state’s surveillance and counter-terrorism unit, the Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAAC), warned law enforcement officials that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline could attract “violent extremists” who are opposed to the natural gas project in North Carolina, a document obtained by Policy Watch shows.
August 7, 2018

APA Should Stand Strong Against Psychologist Complicity With Torture

Psychologists as a group have a long history of abuse to contend with, including their contributions to the legacy of torture. Psychologists had a hand in creating the torture programs employed by the CIA at “black sites” and the military at sites like Guantanamo Bay.
July 11, 2018

Why target Wells Fargo and private prison companies?

Private prison companies are not only making huge profits from the incarceration and detention of immigrants, they are also a huge political force in lobbying for the legislation and policies that criminalize immigrants and communities of color in the U.S.
July 6, 2018

California Enacts Law Protecting Consumer Privacy, But There is Still a Ways to Go

The 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act is a law that will require technology corporations, such as Google and Facebook, to drastically alter their business models regarding data collection and privacy regulations. Despite the bill’s strong language, it has many shortcomings.
February 9, 2018

Foreign Agent Registration Bill Advances in House on Split Vote: Could Affect Nonprofit Cross-Border Programs

This article is reprinted with permission from Charity and Security Network Congress has responded to concerns about foreign influence in U.S. elections by introducing several bills to amend the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), an obscure law requiring registration and
January 29, 2018

Are JTTFs Protecting Us Against Threats, or Threatening Our Civil Rights & Liberties?

Since the 9/11 attacks, the United States government has poured money into counter-terrorism efforts. One place in which they have spent billions of dollars is the network of 119 Joint Terrorism Task Forces  (JTTFs) located across the country.