Shahid Buttar

June 2, 2017
activists hold up signs at city council meeting

Expansive Protections Against Police Abuses Win Approval in Providence

On Thursday night, the capital of the smallest state in the union adopted a wide-ranging police reform measure with national and historic implications. The ordinance was inspired by our Local Civil Rights Restoration Act.
February 15, 2017

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire: Why the FBI Needs New Leadership

A review of FBI abuses under Director Mueller... spying, lying, conniving.
May 18, 2015

Obama Hops on Demilitarize-the-Police Bandwagon

On Monday, May 18, President Obama announced that he would cut back the transfer of military weapons and equipment to local police. Our statement: Today’s announcement represents among the Obama administration’s first attempts to address police violence and misconduct after
April 16, 2015

Why the SSRA (HR 1466) is the only plausible surveillance reform

  Recent reports suggest that Congress is turning its attention towards meager surveillance reform proposals that – despite the apparent confusion of congressional aides — would enable mass spying / bulk collection to continue. In the face of such premature
March 27, 2015

Back to square one on spying

This piece was originally posted on March 25, 2015 in The Hill. This spring, Congress will consider whether to extend three provisions of the notoriously controversial PATRIOT act set to expire in June. When it debates whether to allow mass
January 8, 2015

Police Violence? Body Cams Are No Solution

Recent evasions of justice by the NYPD officers who killed Eric Garner prove what Americans of color have long known: Police can do anything – even murder someone in broad daylight on videotape, without provocation, using methods of force already held illegal
December 28, 2014

BORDC recognizes Mark Kustelski with the December Patriot Award

Each month, BORDC recognizes an inspiring grassroots activist working to restore civil liberties. This month, we are proud to honor US Army veteran and police accountability activist Mark Kustelski from St Louis. Mark grew up in a military family in Nashville,
December 9, 2014

CIA torture and murder in Ferguson: Impunity for criminals with badges

There’s no better way for Washington to commemorate Human Rights Day this Wednesday than by letting the public finally learn the truth about torture. And there’s no better way for concerned Americans to do so than by raising our voices to challenge
November 13, 2014

December week of action challenges CIA and NSA crimes

This December presents a rare opportunity to commemorate a series of human rights disasters driven by our nation’s intelligence agencies, which continue to evade justice and accountability. December 10 marks UN International Human Rights Day, as well as the 10th
October 2, 2014

Six years late and too many lives short: Obama & Holder on racial profiling

Last month’s police crackdown in Ferguson, Missouri revealed to many Americans for the first time how unaccountable police have grown. Around the country, local police forces are effectively militarized, widely discriminate against people of color, and suppress democratic dissent despite its
June 30, 2014

The Court finally shows up for work (Part II)

Part I of this series explained the Supreme Court’s decision in Riley v. California, and why it represents so dramatic an evolution from prior cases where the Court failed to grasp the implications of digital technology for the privacy values
June 27, 2014

The Court finally shows up for work (Part I)

The Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling in Riley v. California and US v Wurie has been hailed as a breakthrough for digital privacy, and it is. Lost in most celebration of the Court finally joining the 20th century, however, is an understanding
June 20, 2014

House moves to rein in NSA Internet surveillance

A year after whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed pervasive dragnet spying by the National Security Agency, Congress has finally begun to take action. Last night, the House “unexpectedly and overwhelmingly” voted in favor of a measure imposing two major limits on the
May 21, 2014

Congress guts USA FREEDOM Act, deferring to NSA yet again

Yesterday, closed door negotiations on the House Rules Committee gutted the USA FREEDOM Act, undermining the promises of the bill’s bipartisan sponsors to help end mass NSA surveillance. In the wake of the changes, rights and privacy groups abandoned the bill, noting
April 29, 2014

Hedges v. Obama: The Supreme Court digs its head deeper into the sand

On Monday, the Supreme Court declined to consider Hedges v. Obama, a constitutional claim challenging a law that could enable the indefinite military detention of US citizens—within the US—without trial, charge, or evidence of crime. The decision is remarkable, both