BORDC Executive Director spoke in Cleveland on Police Body Cameras

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April 16, 2015
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April 21, 2015

The Greater Cleveland Civil and Human Rights Coalition hosted a panel on Saturday on police body cameras. The Cleveland Police Department is spending $2.4 million equipping officers with the units in the wake of a Justice Department report last year citing a pattern of excessive force. BORDC’s executive director, Shahid Buttar, was among the panelists.

Other speakers included Shakyra Diaz (ACLU of Ohio), Dr. Ronnie Dunn (Cleveland State University), Steve Loomis (President, Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association), Ed Little (Criminal Justice and Juvenile Justice Policy Consultant), Alice Ragland (Ohio Student Association), and Cleveland City Councilman Matt Zone.

The panel was organized by Don Bryant. He said, “There’s not been enough public input into the policies [such as] the storing of the evidence. If a police officer can turn it on or off, will they be reprimanded – severely – if someone’s camera accidentally /accidentally-on-purpose went off?”