Constitution in Crisis :: June 2017

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Why is the FBI in Bed With Shadowy Corporate Spies?
June 1, 2017
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No Matter Who Trump Nominates to Head the FBI, Congress Must Engage in True Oversight
June 1, 2017

Dear Troublemakers,

Who does the FBI protect? Who does the FBI serve? Is is we the people? Or is it powerful corporations like TransCananda and Walmart?

The FBI has always been the political police, but as a public agency they at least usually act under the veneer of serving a public purpose. Yet time and time again, the FBI has colluded with corporations worried about protests or secretive, private security forces gathering intelligence on political activity for their powerful corporate clients.

The latest targets of collusion appear to be Dakota Access Pipeline protesters. According to leaked documents, the company building the pipeline hired defense contractor TigerSwan, to thwart off protesters. The documents are chilling referring to Water Protectors as “terrorists” and “insurgents” and referencing the “battlefield” as though they were fighting a war. TigerSwan infiltrated protests, gathered personal information on protesters, engaged in aerial surveillance, and monitored the media.

And they shared this information with prosecutors, law enforcement, and the FBI. TigerSwan, as a private corporation, is accountable only to its client, not to the public. And its job includes protecting their client’s reputation, meaning they have an interest in making the protesters look bad–or seeing them carted off to jail. This blatant conflict of interest and lack of accountability means the FBI shouldn’t be working with them.

That’s why we are asking you to let Congress know you are concerned. Click here to take action. And click here to learn more.


Chip Gibbons, Policy & Legislative Counsel

Berkeley Copwatch Demands Release of Racial Profiling Report

Berkeley Police Chief Andy Greenwood has told the Police Review Commission that, although a report on racial profiling has finally been provided to him by the Center for Equity Policing (CPE) he doesn’t want to release it yet.

The meaning of “deadpan” government

Over a hundred people waited four and a half hours at a meeting of the Berkeley City Council to testify against Berkeley’s police links to the federal government through federal Fusion Centers and the Urban Shield program. They expected the Council to vote.

Montgomery County Hosts Digital Security Workshop

Whether you’re supporting victims of domestic violence, engaging in activism, or just buying something online, everyone has a reason to want to protect their security and privacy on the internet.

Oakland Committee Approves Sweeping Surveillance Equipment Transparency Ordinance

Privacy advocates in Oakland continue to pave the way for the rest of the country. On Tuesday, May 9, the Public Safety Committee of the Oakland City Council approved a sweeping ordinance that requires City Council approval prior to possible acquisition and use of surveillance technology.

This is Not a Drill Oakland!

Oakland is on the verge of passing a strong regulatory framework that will make sure that no unconstitutional or unwarranted surveillance is taking place in Oakland. We need your help to make sure it becomes law.

Activists Rally As Prosecutors Bring More Felony Charges Against J20 Protesters

“They came here on inauguration day expecting to be able to express their free speech right, and instead, they were kettled, their civil rights were violated, and now, they are facing years, some even decades, in prison.”

#ForeverHumanBeings/#41MenAtGitmo: A Campaign Calling for the Closure of Guantanamo Bay

Witness Against Torture has launched a campaign dedicated to renewing calls to close Guantanamo prison as well as uplifting the stories of the 41 men who remained imprisoned behind its walls. Read how you can participate.

House Members Stand Up for Protester Rights and Condemn Violence Against US Protesters. There Has To Be A Catch

Members of Congress want to hold Turkish security forces accountable for infringing on the right to peaceful protest in our Nation’s Capital. We just wish our members of Congress were also willing to hold our own police accountable when they abuse our rights.

FCC’s claim that site was DDoS attacked during John Oliver’s viral net neutrality segment raises questions

Advocates for a free internet are skeptical of the claim, and concerned that comments made by the public will get lost.

Why is the FBI in Bed With Shadowy Corporate Spies?

While any FBI surveillance of dissent offends civil liberties, the FBI’s collusion with private corporations raises deeply troubling questions for our democracy.

No Matter Who Trump Nominates to Head the FBI, Congress Must Engage in True Oversight

From Hoover to Comey, the men at the top of the FBI like to project an image of patriotism, heroism, and integrity while their agency finds ways to skirt the Fourth Amendment and disrespect the First.

Five Reasons Why We Would Have Fired Comey And Why We Are Concerned Nonetheless

Trump’s firing of the man overseeing an investigation concerning himself and his associates oozes Nixonian vibes. In spite of the objectively terrifying nature of these facts, Comey should not be lionized.