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It’s Not Just Your Car, It’s Your Freedom!
January 28, 2015
Social Media in the Crosshairs
January 30, 2015

Are body cameras a solution or a red herring?

Since the civil uprising that began in Ferguson, MO, last summer, police body cameras have been promoted by some policymakers as a police accountability solution. In the name of transparency, local police departments in Los AngelesChicagoNew YorkMinneapolis and Washington, DC, as well as in smaller cities like Ferguson, have started (or announced plans to start) pilot programs issuing body cameras to police officers.

But body cameras are not the solution to police violence. In fact, police body cameras could lead more people to jails and prisons, by enabling police to monitor (and introduce new camera evidence against) individuals who otherwise would not be suspected of any crime. The Fourth Amendment implications are clear: police cameras would subject us to living under constant surveillance, never knowing when something we say or do will land us in police custody.

Moreover, calls for body cameras obscure other measures that could actually bring transparency to police practices, like a right of civilian observation and police data collection about the impacts of investigatory activities. Contact BORDC if you need help getting involved and raising your voice.

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  • January 6:BORDC Executive Director Shahid Buttar’s piece Police Violenece? Body Cams Are No Solution was published on Truth Out
  • January 8: On Breaking the Set, Shahid joined Abby Martin to discuss police body cameras and NYPD slowdown
  • January 14: Shahid was featured on Black Agenda Radio to warn against the use of police body cameras
  • January 21: On Breaking the Set, Shahid joined Abby Martin to discuss race relations and the impact of Ferguson protests on national policy
  • January 23: Shahid was interviewed for an article in the Washington Post regarding his poetry reading at the event “Orwellian America: Government Transparency and Personal Privacy in the Digital Age”

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