Defending Rights & Dissent Leads Civil Liberties Groups In Raising Free Speech Concerns with Russia Report

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Defending Rights & Dissent was joined by the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition and National Lawyers Guild-Maryland Chapter in raising concerns with Sen. Benjamin Cardin’s (D-MD) report  “Putin’s Asymmetrical Assault on Democracy in Russia and Europe: Implications for U.S. National Security.”

We understand that it is valid to be concerned about a foreign power interfering in our internal political process and that the report raises a number of legitimate concerns. However, the report also focuses in on what is constitutionally protected speech and maligns certain political views points.

One cannot safeguard democracy against foreign interference while delegitimizing dissent at home

Read the letter below or click here for a PDF version.

DRAD Letter Russia Report by Defending Rights & Dissent on Scribd