DRAD Joyously Celebrates Timuel Black’s 102nd Birthday!

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It’s unclear when Timuel Black joined our board. I only know that I met him in 1992, and he was a longtime board member even back then. But what is clear is that his energy, wisdom, and insight has helped guide the organization for decades. We love and cherish him, and joyously celebrate his 102nd birthday.

It’s fair to say that the city of Chicago shares our love and respect for Tim. The city held a birthday parade for Tim, with hundreds passing by his house as he sat on the lawn, to wish him a very happy birthday.

Tim has packed a lot into his 102 years. He fought in WWII, and was awarded the French Legion of Honor, championed civil rights with Dr. King, helped recruit Harold Washington to run for Mayor, mentored Barack Obama, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

DRAD Board Member Timuel Black is joined by Rev. Jesse Jackson to celebrate Tim’s 102 Birthday. Dec. 7, 2020 in Chicago.