FBI Manufactures Yet AnotherTeenage Terrorist

Uncle Sam is watching you
September 12, 2012
Fusion centers: budgetary salt on a constitutional wound
October 5, 2012

Adel Daoud, a teenager from the Chicago suburbs, is the latest manufactured terrorist to come out of the FBI factory. According to his family, he was a devout Muslim, a peaceful and “passive” guy. But according to the FBI he willingly engaged in a plot facilitated by a group of FBI agents posing as terrorists. The FBI says he came to their attention last October 2011 after he sent out emails “relating to violent jihad and the killing of Americans.” (see the NYTimes article) I guess they got tired of waiting for him to actually hatch a plot of some sort on his own – or worried that he never would – so in May they sent in the undercover agents to convince him to do more than just talk. You can imagine the conversation – older men portraying themselves as more devout, better Muslims to this teenager, egging him on to prove himself by joining their plot. We have seen it over and over, in cases of political activists and Muslims.