Help Make Cuomo’s “First in the Nation” Anti- Free Speech Order The Last

NY Gov. Cuomo Announcing Executive Order 157
New York Governor Signs Unconstitutional Executive Order
June 6, 2016
Security Agent Filming Protest
FBI Entrapment Draws Critical Attention in “Homegrown Terror” Stings
June 8, 2016

Did you hear the news?

Governor Andrew Cuomo is bragging about his “first in the nation” executive order aimed at  political speech he dislikes. We want to help Cuomo have the distinction of his unconstitutional order not only being the first of its kind, but the last, as well.

Executive Order No. 157 creates a blacklist of companies and institutions that support the Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, which nonviolently protests Israel’s policies. New York will then divest its funds from every company on that blacklist. Regardless of what you think of BDS, the Supreme Court has stated clearly that boycotts for political, economic, and social change are protected speech. They have also said that to deny a public benefit to those “who engage in certain forms of speech is, in effect, to penalize them for such speech. Its deterrent effect is the same as if the State were to fine them for this speech.”

Executive Order No. 157 is unconstitutional.

We can’t let the state of New York silence free speech, political expression and democracy. Please stand up for the Bill of Rights today by asking Gov. Cuomo to rescind his unconstitutional, anti-free speech executive order.

Send an email Gov. Cuomo today!