Hey, What Happened to the Bill of Rights?

Controversial Provision Taints DC’s “Model” Police Body Camera Law
December 23, 2015
Secret Files
Obama’s War on Whistleblowers Paves Way for Global Crackdown on Free Press
December 31, 2015

Let’s hope this time next year you are not asking yourself that. There has never been a time when our basic democratic liberties have not been at risk, but in the current political climate it looks more and more like the Bill of Rights might become an endangered species.

However, you can help stop that: today is the last chance to take full advantage of your 2015 tax-deduction by making a year-end donation to BORDC/DDF.

Please donate today to make sure the Bill of Rights doesn’t become something consigned to the history books. Every little bit helps our fight to keep our democratic liberties alive.

For example:

Donate $5 to help us deliver our next petition to 1,000 potential signers, increasing our influence on Capitol Hill.

Donate $25 to help us file a Freedom of Information Act Request with the FBI, DHS, or local police to expose the surveillance state.

Donate $100 to help us publish a report on “ag-gag” and anti-whistleblower legislation around the country.

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