Someone Doesn’t Want You To Read This: Suspected DDoS Attack on Our Website

There They Go Again! The FBI Just Can’t Stop Being Racist and Afraid of Dissent
October 31, 2017
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Statement on the Attack in New York City
November 1, 2017

UPDATE 11/30/2017: After installing additional security, we’ve been safe from further attacks. We’ve had no problems in over one month.

Somebody doesn’t want you to be able access our website.

Starting on Wednesday October 25, the Defending Rights & Dissent website came under a suspected Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack when thousands of bots invaded the site. The relentless attack lasted five days and overcame our escalating defenses to shut down the site several times.

We don’t know who it is trying to keep our site offline.

We do know that there are quite a few people who don’t like our work. They resent the fact that we defend your right to boycott. They detest that we continue to defend the rights of protesters and have vocally spoken out against the ongoing witchhunt against Trump inauguration protesters. They despise that we continue to support marginalized communities in their struggle against state repression. And they absolutely loathe that we stood in solidarity with NFL players who were coming under fire for exercising their First Amendment rights to protest police violence and racism.

We know this because they’ve told us.

They’ve told us in hateful messages sent to us by email, left on our voicemail, posted on our social media accounts, and even sent to staff members’ personal social media accounts.

This, however, is the first time we’ve been victim of a suspected DDoS attack.

But we’re not going anywhere!

There may be people out there who don’t want the public to be able to access our site, but we aren’t backing down. As of Monday, we seem to be in the clear.

We also want to assure you that we take safeguarding your information seriously.

If you have used our site to sign up for email alerts or to make a contribution, your information is safe. The interactive features on our site are housed on a separate server that was not targeted in this attack. We take your privacy seriously, we never share, sell, or otherwise disclose your information to anyone else

We will never stop defending your right to dissent.

Stay Loud, Stay Strong,

Staff and Board of Directors,

Defending Rights & Dissent