Speak Out Wednesday to Keep Berkeley Police Dept. From Becoming Foot Soldiers for the Trump Agenda

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Should the Berkeley Police Department be complicit in Trump’s efforts to target Muslims, immigrants and dissenters, or should it stop sharing Suspicious Activity Reports with the NCRIC (Northern California Regional Information Center, the federal Fusion Center)?

Should BPD continue to participate in Urban Shield, and if so, should it work to make the annual “orgy of militarization” less militarized?

The Berkeley Police Review Commission (PRC) wants to hear from the community on those two important issues. So please turnout to the meeting:

Wednesday, January 25
7:00 PM
North Berkeley Senior Center
1903 Hearst (at MLK)

The PRC will be discussing whether the Berkeley Police Department should continue to report “suspicious activity” to the NCRIC regional fusion center, which shares such information with federal agencies, including the FBI.

The data gathered has repeatedly been shown shown to be full of racial, ethnic, religious, and political bias. While there was never a bad time to break with the federal fusion centers, doing so has never been more urgent than right now.

Trump commands the federal government and has made it clear that he plans to spy on Muslims, round up immigrants, and is intolerant of dissent. Local participation in programs like Suspicious Activity Reporting will be key to Trump carrying out these plans.

It is important that you make sure that the Berkeley Police Department represents Berkeley’s values and not allow them to become foot soldiers in the Trump agenda.

Read the agenda and background information here.

Individuals wishing to speak do not need to sign up before hand to do so, but you are encouraged to show up at 7:00 as Community Comment happens early in the meeting. For any questions, please contact J. George Lippman at george@igc.org.

As a Bill of Rights of Rights Defense Committee/Defending Dissent Foundation grassroots supporter, you are the Bill of Rights frontline of defense. Please be a Bill of Rights defender this Wednesday.

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