Take Action: Don’t Let Fear Turn Into Hate and Repression

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November 23, 2015
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November 24, 2015

Vile politicians are exploiting the Paris attacks to spew hate and recycle unconstitutional and fake solutions like more surveillance and government sanctioned Islamophobia.

Almost as soon as the attacks were launched, and certainly without any evidence of who the attackers were, where they came from, or how the attack had been planned, blowhards were pressing their narrative to a compliant media.

We have to push back hard.

Please contact your members of Congress today.

Here’s what we’re up against:

  • The House just passed legislation to make it impossible for refugees from war-torn Syria and Iraq to enter this country, while various Governors disgrace themselves by saying they will bar refugees from their state;
  • A bill to promote government-sanctioned Islamophobia will likely get a vote in the House soon;
  • A former CIA director said Snowden has blood on his hands for the Pairs attacks, the current CIA director seemed to agree. Legislation to repeal reforms to mass surveillance will not be far behind;
  • FBI Director James Comey used the attacks to renew his call for U.S. companies to give law enforcement and intelligence agencies a way into our encrypted devices and communications.

We’ve seen this pattern before, when there is fear, reactionaries will seize the opportunity to try to institute repressive, and usually racist, measures.

Let’s not let it happen again.

Please send an email to your Senators and Representatives now.