Tell Congress To Protect Your Fourth Amendment Rights at the Border

702 Briefing: The Mass Surveillance Law is Up for Renewal at the End of 2017. Are You Ready to Fight It?
April 11, 2017
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Twitter, Anonymity, and the First Amendment
April 13, 2017

The U.S. border is becoming an increasingly “Constitution-free zone,” where border agents claim the authority to search our electronic devices and data without probable cause.

Will you tell Congress to stand up for the Fourth Amendment today?

Luckily, a bipartisan effort is underway in Congress to defend our Fourth Amendment rights. If passed, the ‘Protecting Data at the Border Act’ would require border agents to have a warrant or probable cause before searching a US person’s electronic device or data–the same standard the Constitution requires for government agents anywhere else in the country. Additionally, Customs and Border Patrol agents could not hold a US citizen or permanent resident for more than four hours in order to get them to unlock their phone.

Ask your members of Congress to support the Protecting Data at the Border Act

This bill will defend your rights and send a strong message that the government is bound by the constitution everywhere in the United States.

Please contact your members of Congress and tell them to defend your Fourth Amendment rights!