• Lead Prosecutor in Trump Inauguration Protest Trial Sanctioned for Due Process Violations Has Been Made Head of Her Department

    DC jurors weren’t particularly impressed with Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff’s claims that attending a protest makes one part of a conspiracy, as they failed to convict any of the nearly 200 people arrested during an anti-Trump protest. And Chief Judge Robert Morin, was similarly unimpressed by Kerkhoff’s decision to withhold evidence from the defense and mislead the court about it, which is why he sanctioned the prosecution. Yet, someone at the US Attorney’s Office must have been impressed, as since her ignominious defeat Kerkhoff has been promoted.

  • Defend the Right to Protest

    We will never give up our right to prote

  • Last Remaining Charges Dismissed Against Trump Inauguration Protesters

    The US Attorney’s Office (USAO) have announced they are moving to dismiss without prejudice all charges against the remaining 38 protesters arrested during Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

  • Second J20 Trial Ends in Mistrial

    The second trial of Trump Inauguration protesters arrested during an anti-capitalist, anti-fascist march has ended without a single conviction.

  • Yet Another Acquittal in Ongoing Prosecution of Trump Inauguration Protesters

    A jury acquitted Seth Cadman of conspiracy to riot, inciting a riot, and several counts of property destruction. The jury deadlocked on the misdemeanor charge of engaging in a riot, causing Judge Knowles to declare a mistrial on that one charge

  • Another Bad Day for J20 Prosecutors, With One Defendant Acquitted, More Charges Dismissed

    screenshot of the DisruptJ20.org home page

    Today, was yet another day of setbacks for the prosecution,as the government dismissed charges against three more J20 defendants. In another J20 trial, a jury acquitted defendant Cathseigh Webber of all charges after less than  two days of deliberations.

  • In Light of Due Process Violations, Charges Dismissed, Prosecution Sanctioned in J20 Trials

    While prosecutors were going ahead with closing arguments in one set of J20 trials, one floor above in the same courthouse a judge was issuing sanctions against the government for failing to disclose exculpatory evidence. In a huge blow to prosecutors, conspiracy charges will be dismissed with prejudice against ten defendants and seven defendants had all of their remaining charges dismissed without prejudice.

  • Judge Finds J20 Prosecutors Failed to Disclose Exculpatory Evidence, Mulls Sanctions

    sticker at construction site in DC says "resist Trump" with Disrupt J20 website

    The prosecution in the J20 case was dealt another major setback today as Chief Justice Robert Morin found that they failed to disclose to the defense parts of an undercover video containing clearly exculpatory evidence. An edited version of the video was part of the prosecution’s case-in-chief during the first J20 trial and was expected to be so in an upcoming trial. Now, with the prosecution facing sanctions, there are questions as to whether they will be allowed to show the video at all.

  • Second Trial for Trump Inauguration Protesters Begins

    The US Attorneys Office claims the trial isn’t about protest or dissent, but the crux of their case centers around the argument that a First Amendment protected march is a criminal conspiracy.

  • J20 Trials Pushed Back, As After Nearly a Year and a Half Prosecutors Claim They Need More Time

    If the prosecution can’t in “good conscience, ask another fourteen citizens” to sit through a trial of protesters, there’s a solution. Drop the charges.

  • DRAD, Joined by Chelsea Manning and Defend J20 Resistance, Delivers Nearly 180,000 Petitions Demanding J20 Charges Be Dropped

    A day after the petitions were delivered, we learned that the trial, set to start April 17, had been delayed again.  

  • Prosecution’s Anonymous FBI Expert in J20 Trial is Another Attempt to Demonize Protesters and Journalists

    The Department of Justice’s continuing felony prosecutions stemming from an anti-capitalist, anti-fascist protest during Trump’s inauguration has taken yet another bizarre turn. Earlier this month Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff indicated her intent to call as an expert witness, an FBI agent who infiltrated social movements, such as Occupy Wall Street, to opine on “black bloc tactics.” The government has also requested that the witness testify publicly under an alias. They cite as cause for concern about the “safety and security” of the FBI agent the fact that journalists and other observers (including the author of this piece) reported on public testimony during the last trial.

  • Charges Dropped for 129 Inauguration Protesters

    Defending Rights & Dissent was elated by the news that 159 of the J20 defendants had their charges dismissed. Nonetheless, the struggle continues. Fifty-nine people still face multiple felony charges.Defending Rights & Dissent demands that the remaining charges be dropped, that Jennifer Kerkhoff be fired, and that DC police be held accountable for the wanton brutality they engaged in during the inauguration.

  • With New FOIA Request, Defending Rights & Dissent and National Lawyers Guild Demand Answers About Infiltration of Inauguration Protests

    Earlier today, Defending Rights & Dissent and the National Lawyers Guild filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking information about the infiltration of protest group DisruptJ20 by DC police, as well as the extent of police cooperation with non-law enforcement third parties like Project Veritas.

  • Sometimes We Win

    protester with sign Dissent is the highest form of patriotism

    Yesterday, we won twice. Amid the onslaught of bad news this year, it’s nice to see a couple of rays of hope.