• A Rose By Any Other Name: Biden Ends TVTP By Renaming It CP3

    By Cody Bloomfield On the campaign trail

  • NO BAN Act Passes After Years of Delays

    Over three years after Donald Trump’s Mu

  • Defending Rights & Dissent Condemns Border Detentions of Iranian-Americans, Urges Congress to Assert Their Constitutional War Powers

    various passport pages with a customs stamping tool

    Days after Donald Trump ordered the assassination of an Iranian general, sparking concern of a US war with Iran, over 60 individuals of Iranian descent, including US citizens and permanent residents, were detained, had their passports confiscated, and were interrogated about their political beliefs at the US-Canadian border.ending Rights & Dissent strongly condemns these detententions. It is flagrantly unconstitutional to subject someone to detention because of their national origin or ethnicity.

  • It’s About Time. House Will Hold Hearing on Muslim Ban

    protesters at US Capitol with signs opposing Trump and Muslim ban

    More than two years after it was enacted, the US House of Representatives is finally holding a hearing on the impact of the Muslim Ban.

  • Ahead of Hearing, Defending Rights & Dissent Urges Homeland Security Committee to Address Law Enforcement Abuses of Counterterrorism Authorities

    Sunset sky over the US Capitol building dome in Washington DC.

    With an uptick in white supremacist violence, the House Homeland Security Committee is holding a hearing on “Confronting the Rise of Domestic Terrorism in the Homeland.” Defending Rights & Dissent recognizes the real threat white supremacist violence poses to many communities. We also have deep concerns about how law enforcement routinely abuses their counterterrorism authorities. The framework of “terrorism” has been used to criminalize some of the very same communities most at risk from white supremacist violence. When investigating nonviolent activists, law enforcement frequently cite their counterterrorism authorities.

  • Terry Albury is a Conscientious Whistleblower

    Official portrait of FBI Agent Terry Albury

    FBI agent Terry Albury saw inherent racism in the FBI’s targeting of local communities of color, and sought to blow the whistle on that racism and the agency’s unethical use of paid informants. He will be sentenced under the Espionage Act next week.

  • Nonprofits Push Back Against Misinformation in House Hearing on Muslim Brotherhood

    US Capitol at dusk

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing was filled with appalling testimony based on Islamophobia and fear-mongering rather than facts and evidence.

  • Defending Rights & Dissent Response to Supreme Court Ruling in Trump v. Hawaii

    The Supreme Court building, with statue in the foreground

    Defending Rights & Dissent strongly condemns the Supreme Court’s Trump v. Hawaii decision to uphold the third iteration of Trump’s Muslim Ban.  

  • NOT Trump Iftar

    On June 6, as the Muslim community was girding for a Supreme Court decision on his Muslim Ban, President Trump hosted an Iftar at the White House. Muslim human rights groups organized a protest Iftar outside the White House

  • Civ Lib Groups and Generals Agree: Vote No on Haspel

    Members of the Senate got two letters today. Over 100 Generals expressed concern over Haspel’s nomination, while civil liberties and progressive groups weighed in against both Haspel and Pompeo

  • We Stand With Noor Salman

    The Justice for Muslims Collective has organized a growing coalition of justice groups standing in solidarity with Noor Salman and demanding an end to the prosecution against her.

  • Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five

    Join us as author Miko Peled traces the labyrinthine course of the case of the Holy Land Foundation Five, presenting a terrifying picture of governmental over-reach in post-9/11 America. A discussion with Laila Al-Arian and a Q&A will follow.

  • Civil Society Groups to Congress: Oppose Islamophobic Judge

    An gold justice scale backlight an an eerie dark background

    The groups agreed that Talley’s publicly-stated Islamophobic opinions that “mainstream” Islam preaches the “murder of nonbelievers” and his support for President Trump’s statement “Islam hates us,” demonstrate an unquestionable inability to be impartial with respect to the rights and religious freedom of American Muslims.

  • Resisting Surveillance Forum

    room full of mostly women, many young and most in hijab

    Over 120 people came together on a hot muggy Sunday afternoon in August to learn about our government’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programs in Montgomery County, MD, and around the country.

  • Statement on Senate Confirmation of Christopher Wray to Be Director of The FBI

    FBI emblem

    We are disappointed that members of the Senate did not press Mr. Wray for a strong commitment to stand up to President Trump’s worst tendencies