Wisconsin takes the floor!

PATRIOT? Demand JUSTICE instead!
February 14, 2011
America deserves better than McCarthy-style witch hunts
March 12, 2011

Taking a cue from the recent Middle East movement, the people of Wisconsin’s capital now add themselves to the ever growing list of peaceful protesters taking a stand for their rights. Wisconsin is in the midst of heavy budget cuts and is straining to save money. In one such effort, the state government is working to take the collective bargaining agreements away from public workers’ unions and “require public workers to pay half the costs of their pensions and at least 12.6 percent of their health care coverage. Thousands of teachers, prison guards, and labor workers are rallying together to fight for their cause. Inspired by the people, the politicians of Wisconsin’s state legislature have taken their own initiative: in an effort to prevent the removal of the workers’ rights, Wisconsin’s 14 Democratic officials fleed just minutes before the Senate gathered to vote on the bill. The legislation has been thrown into complete gridlock and the people are demanding an agreement. Governor Scott Walker has “threatened to order layoffs of up to 6,000 state workers” if the bill is not passed. The movement seen here to take a stand against such legislation is inspiring and spirited. With similar situations happening all over the world we should pay close attention to these examples. In the current day when our civil liberties are challenged constantly, it is the people in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, and now our own nation in the state of Wisconsin that remind us of our rights and our duty to stand up for them.