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Constitution in Crisis :: BORDC/DDF March 2016 Newsletter

On February 20 we asked you to write to your Members of Congress to ask them to stand up for strong encryption in the face of the FBI’s court order that Apple create an effective backdoor into the iPhone. After

The dome of the Massachusetts State Capitol

61 Groups Defend Right to Boycott in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Freedom to Boycott Coalition hand delivered an open letter yesterday to each member of the state’s House of Representatives.

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Group Photo

McCain’s Surprising Tribute to Abraham Lincoln Brigade Forgets History of FBI Harassment

While it was surprising to see John McCain’s “Saluting A Communist” in the New York Times, it wasn’t surprising to see that FBI harassment of volunteers in the fight against fascism was ignored.

Constitution in Crisis :: BORDC/DDF May 2016 Newsletter

Dear Troublemakers, Have you ever wondered how many surveillance cameras film you as you go about your daily business? On your way to work, to the store, dropping the kids at school or walking your dog? Or, how many surveillance

NY Gov. Cuomo Announcing Executive Order 157

New York Governor Signs Unconstitutional Executive Order

On Sunday June 5 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order to penalize those who engage in political expression he doesn’t approve of. This move is unquestionably unconstitutional and was met with near instantaneous outcry from the civil

Help Make Cuomo’s “First in the Nation” Anti- Free Speech Order The Last

Did you hear the news? Governor Andrew Cuomo is bragging about his “first in the nation” executive order aimed at  political speech he dislikes. We want to help Cuomo have the distinction of his unconstitutional order not only being the

Joseph N. Welch (left) being questioned by Senator Joseph McCarthy (right), June 9, 1954.

At Long Last, Have You No Sense of Decency?

Sixty-two years ago today one of our nation’s most infamous demagogues had his career come to a symbolic end. Sen. Joseph McCarthy, whose name has now become synonymous with political persecution, rose from a relatively unremarkable junior Senator to a

The White House

Inherent Problem: Unchecked Presidential Power in the Age of Endless War

Karen Greenberg’s new book, Rogue Justice: The Making of the Security State, offers a stinging rebuke of the runaway presidential power that has undermined justice and due process in the war on terror era. Whether by endless wars, torture, or

red button says "boycott grapes" with unitd farmworkers logo

Bill Headed to Governor’s Desk in California that Chills Speech

We’ve reported on many bills across the country aimed at deterring individuals from engaging in Constitutionally protected political speech about Israel’s human rights policies. Now: the long and windy saga of California’s own such bill, which is on its way to the Governor’s desk and could become law at any minute.

US Capitol Dome. Blue night sky behind.

Senate Passes Bill Aimed at Silencing Pro-Palestinian Activism on Campuses

The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act is an attempt to use real fears about a political climate in which white supremacy is increasingly becoming normalized and made mainstream to enact a longstanding political project aimed at censoring and restricting speech about Israeli policies. As such, the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act must be rejected.

a screenshot of the youtube video featuring Fadi Saba

Standing up to Threats Against Palestinian Human Rights Advocacy: Year in Review

As a domestic civil liberties organization, we don’t take a position on the Middle East conflict, but when we see a systematic effort to crack down on a social movement, we fight back. As such, we have long been involved in opposing attempts to shut down Palestinian human rights advocacy. In 2016, we saw a record number of threats to Palestinian human rights advocacy domestically in the United States and a record level of involvement on our part.

Support the Right to Boycott in Massachusetts

We are sharing an alert from Massachusetts Peace Action, because we are supporting their efforts to protect the right to boycott in Massachusetts: The first days of the Trump administration have been as dire as anyone could have imagined – with

US Constitution

BORDC/DDF Joins Palestine Legal, Center for Constitutional Rights in Opposing Unconstitutional Bill in Virginia

On Friday, Palestine Legal, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and Bill of Rights Defense Committee/Defending Dissent Foundation sent a memo to Virginia state lawmakers demanding that they oppose HB 2261, an unconstitutional bill aimed at suppressing Palestinian human rights advocacy.

Freedom2Boycott Members Attend Lobby Night at the Maryland House of Delegates

Right to Boycott Under Attack Again in Maryland.

Once again we are facing an unconstitutional bill in Maryland that targets the right to boycott. Things are moving fast, but so are we. Our allies at Freedom2Boycott in Maryland have organized a Lobby Night  in Annapolis for Monday, February 6. I

Constitution in Crisis :: February 2017

Donald Trump has wasted no time in unleashing an assault on civil liberties and truth, has he? But if he thought the deluge would leave us stunned, he was wrong. Tens of thousands of people have taken to  the streets.