Executive Accountability for Torture Model Resolution

Local Civil Rights Restoration Act
October 15, 2015
Restore Due Process Model Resolution
October 21, 2015

Resource: Executive Accountability for Torture Model Resolution

Our model resolution aims to promote executive accountability for human rights abuses, such as torture. It offers local legislative bodies an opportunity to promote the rule of law by seeking executive accountability for torture, human experimentation, and other potential war crimes or human rights abuses committed by current or former federal officials.

Download the Executive Accountability for Torture Model Resolution

It offers an opportunity for municipalities and states to call on the federal government to pursue transparency and accountability through an independent commission and prosecution of all government officials complicit in degrading treatment.

The resolution also provides an option for local authorities to investigate federal officials complicit in torture by authorizing local prosecutors to assert universal jurisdiction under well-established principles of international law.

For more information, or to seek support and assistance for your local efforts, please email the BORDC organizing team.

Commentary and Analysis


  • Reckoning with Torture, a multimedia stage production about the scope and human cost of the post-9/11 torture program
  • Tortured Law, a 10-minute documentary by Alliance for Justice about the government lawyers who authorized torture
  • Torturing Democracy, a 90-minute documentary, produced by Washington Media Associates and the National Security Archive, about America’s torture policies