Defending Rights & Dissent

May 4, 2022
FBI emblem

We’re Suing the FBI. And the NSA.

On Friday April 29, 2022, Defending Rights & Dissent brought a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act against the Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. These agencies
May 3, 2022
protesters at supreme court holding 'bans off our bodies; signs

Defending Right & Dissent Opposes Any FBI Probe Into Identity of Source of Politico’s Supreme Court Reporting 

In an unprecedented first for journalism, Politico reported on and published a draft Supreme Court opinion overturning decades of precedent that a right to privacy protected the right to have an abortion. Since this bombshell revelation, Chief Justice John Roberts
April 27, 2022

Setbacks for Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act Are a Victory for Civil Liberties

Yesterday, it was reported that due to opposition from civil liberties groups and Congressional progressives, House Democrats have postponed a vote on the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act. Defending Rights & Dissent, along with the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the
April 25, 2022

Defending Rights & Dissent Urges Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board to Consider First Amendment Implications of FBI Domestic Terrorism Investigations

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) has asked for public comments regarding privacy and civil liberties issues concerning the government’s efforts to counter domestic terrorism. On April 25, 2022, Defending Rights & Dissent submitted public comments calling attention
April 20, 2022

The Biden Administration Should Halt Its Campaign to Extradite Assange

Earlier this morning, as expected, a UK magistrate ordered Julian Assange’s extradition to the US. This is the result of the UK Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the WikiLeaks publisher’s appeal. The extradition order will now go to UK Home
March 14, 2022
The CIA spied

Defending Rights & Dissent Statement on UK Supreme Court’s Refusal to Hear Assange’s Appeal

On March 14, 2022, the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court denied Julian Assange permission to appeal his extradition.  “This is an appalling decision. Assange faces grave human rights abuses in the US,” said Defending Rights & Dissent policy director Chip Gibbons.
March 9, 2022

ICE illegally obtains customer data from money order companies like Western Union

ICE has reportedly issued unlawful summon orders to gain access to personal data from money order companies since 2019, according to Senator Wyden’s (D-OR) office. A recent inquiry made by Sen. Wyden’s office learned that Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), part
February 23, 2022

Why Defending Rights & Dissent Is Joining the Belmarsh Tribunal

UPDATE: You may watch a recording of the Belmarsh Tribunal here. When war crimes are exposed, the government puts the truth teller in jail. The Belmarsh Tribunal, named for the notorious British prison where Julian Assange is being held, puts
February 17, 2022

Thirty Wisconsin Organizations Call on Gov. Evers to Veto Anti-Protest Bill

Thirty Wisconsin organizations sent a letter to Gov. Tony Evers today, asking that he veto Senate Bill 296, a bill that passed in the Senate on January 25 and aims to deter people from participating in the constitutionally protected right
February 15, 2022

DRAD joins amicus brief in Xi v. Haugen; calls on US government to stop discriminating against Asian Americans & immigrants

Amid increased concerns over the FBI’s and Justice Department’s targeting of scientists based on their Chinese descent, Defending Rights & Dissent joined with over 70 Asian American organizations, civil rights groups, science associations, and academic groups to file an amicus
February 11, 2022

Mystery CIA Program Highlights Surveillance State Run Amok, Failure of Oversight

The Central Intelligence Agency, a foreign intelligence agency that should not operate within the domestic US, has been collecting in bulk US citizens’ data. This collection has taken place without a warrant and outside any statutory regime, such as the
February 9, 2022
US Capitol Dome. Blue night sky behind.

Senators Markey & Merkley and Reps. Jayapal & Pressley Urge Federal Agencies to End Use of Clearview AI Facial Recognition Technology

Given the recent debacle over the use of face recognition technology at the IRS, now is the time to aggressively advocate for an absolute moratorium on the use of this invasive tech at all federal agencies. It’s time for Congress
January 18, 2022

DRAD Joins Coalition in Support of COINTELPRO Full Disclosure Act

On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Defending Rights & Dissent joined over 30 organizations and individuals to announce the formation of a wide coalition to offer critical support for HR-2998, the COINTELPRO Full Disclosure Act. The bill, introduced in
December 10, 2021

DRAD Statement on Assange Extradition Appeal Ruling

Today, on International Human Rights Day – and as the Biden Administration hosts a “Summit for Democracy” – the United Kingdom High Court has reversed an earlier judge’s decision from January 2021 and granted the United States’ extradition request for
December 8, 2021

DRAD Joins NCAC in Rebuking Book Censorship In Schools

Across the country, there have been organized political attacks on books in schools. These ongoing attempts to purge schools of books represent a partisan threat not only to our children’s education, but to our democracy overall. That’s why Defending Rights